Blogging. Copywriting. Press Releases. Media Relations.
With side of promo products + touch of flair. 

See Brand Visibility Differently

Instead of crafting messages that you want to say, flip it around and create messages that your customers want to hear.
Instead of thinking like a marketer, think like a journalist.
It’s a subtle difference but absolutely essential if you want your content to connect with the audience. And I can help.


Who Is The Publicity Gal?

Hi! I’m Lisa Horn, a.k.a. The Publicity Gal, and I create brand visibility through the love of words. Whether blogging, copywriting, press releases or media relations, I do it with a side of promo products + touch of flair.

I take my marketing education and time spent as a promotional products distributor and combine it with my passion for writing and experience of nearly 10 years on the staff of an international trade association magazine. The result is a one-of-a-kind, journalistic approach to content creation that brings out the authentic story.

Lisa Horn

Major Project

Ponoko Blog

In the past, much of my work was focused on press releases and media relations for suppliers, distributors and business service providers in the promotional products industry, But today, I spend most of my time writing, distributing and managing content for Ponoko, a manufacturer of custom laser cut products with offices in San Francisco and New Zealand. I write customer profiles and new product introductions as well as in-depth features. Topics range from how to reinvent your swag strategy to comprehensive guides for making the most popular laser cut products and the best ways to save money while doing it. The goal is to give designers, brands and agencies, and DIY makers the tools to create the most amazing custom laser cut products of their own.


Everyone loves a good story. And blogging can tell your brand story in a way few other mediums can. These stories can showcase your expertise and differentiate you in a crowded marketplace. Since you become the publisher, no media outlet is required. But thinking like a journalist remains a must, and there’s where I come in.

Copywriting & Editing

Case Histories. Corporate and professionals bios. Emails. Social Media. There are any number of ways you may need to communicate with your customers, prospects, employees or the media. Whether you need content from scratch or are just looking for an edit or critique of existing material, that’s cool. I have a red pen…and I’m not afraid to use it.

Press Releases

The foundational document for corporate messaging, the press release is the official gathering of the facts when you have corporate news to share. A little fact party! From there, just about any other type of content—from formal reports to conversational blog and social media posts—can be also written to communicate with your audiences beyond the media.

Media Relations

Open any publication and each will be filled with articles where subject matter experts are quoted within features stories or have written their own bylined columns. How do you become the go-to expert for your favorite publications? With a little help from a media matchmaker like me pitching story ideas and interview options to the media on your behalf.