Blogging Telling Your Brand Story

put your best foot forward

Blogging is one of the best ways to differentiate yourself in a crowded market and showcase your expertise. It allows you to put your best foot forward and control the message. Successful blogging programs increase your visibility in the marketplace, position you as the go-to expert and give you some street cred when approaching the media.

Creating content for a blog takes commitment and consistent effort—and it’s a partnership. It’s a partnership because you are the expert, and no one knows your audience better than you.

My role is to work with you to uncover the topics that will be most meaningful to your audience, guide you in what’s going to be a good read, ask the right questions to get the foundational basis for the post and polish this information so the writing has the appropriate tone, voice and professional journalistic quality you desire.


Client Spotlight: Corporate Specialties Blog

As editor of the Corporate Specialties Blog, I create content on promotional marketing and branded merchandise as well as relevant research findings and business marketing and branding articles that help buyers make better-informed and more strategic decisions about their promotional products purchases.

The goal is to show business owners, corporate marketers, meeting and event planners, and HR pros how SMART Swag—Special, Memorable, Affordable, Relevant and Targeted branded merchandise— can be incorporated into comprehensive marketing programs.

And for the third consecutive year, we’re being awarded the PPAI Technology Award for excellence in blog content.

Read my work on the Corporate Specialties Blog.


Client Spotlight: Ponoko Blog

At Ponoko, we’re starting a movement to create a new breed of promotional products that completely reinvents how brands market themselves as well as give designers and DIY makers the tools they need to create custom products of their own.

In addition to writing about new materials, company news and customer profiles, we launched a content series— The 12 Immutable Laws Of Event Marketing Swag— to help fire up those creative marketing engines for branded merchandise buyers that are stuck in a rut, completely uninspired.

What’s special about the series: We’re showing actual product ideas of how these laws can be implemented…and we’re doing it by creating event giveaways for some of the world’s best tech brands as examples. It’s a unique approach to developing content, one like you’re never seen before.

Read all my work on the Ponoko Blog.