Media Relations Becoming The Go-To Source


Open any promotional products industry publication and each will be filled with product showcases, news articles where influencers are quoted or subject matter experts have written their own bylined columns. How do you become the go-to expert for your favorite publications? With a little help from a media matchmaker like me.

I take an audience-centric approach, looking at the needs of targeted publications and then aligning the expertise of my client sources for the perfect fit. It’s a formula that generates on-target press pitches that get results—media placements.

Media relations complements all your other marketing initiatives—websites, blogging, social media, email blasts, catalogs, printed collateral, direct mail campaigns and events. Regardless of economic climate, a targeted media relations plan can make effective use of your marketing dollars at a fraction of the cost of advertising. Plus, the implied third-party endorsement of being featured in publications positively impacts your corporate credibility.

So how can you see your name in print when you flip through the pages of your favorite publication or scroll through the industry websites? There are a number of opportunities I can help you pursue with the media to get the publicity you desire:


Press Releases

The foundational document for corporate messaging, the press release is the official gathering of the facts when you have corporate news to share. It’s a little fact party that captures all pertinent details—the who, what, when, where, why and how—that the media must have to report the news.

Additionally, press releases are the hub of corporate messaging. From there, the information contained within a press release can be used to create blog posts, social media updates, internal memos, client updates, newsletters, etc.—all with the consistency of the original message.

For more specifics and to see samples of my work, check out the Press Releases Page.

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Product Submissions

In the promotional products industry, the media obviously dedicates a significant portion of their editorial content to showcasing products. In my experience, most editors are extremely busy, and they don’t have time to do comprehensive searches for items to include in each editorial piece.

I help monitor the editorial calendars of your choice publications and get editors’ attention by submitting relevant products with compelling descriptions by the deadline, giving you a good chance of being considered for placement—and getting noticed by readers.

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Story & Interview Pitches

Being selected as an article source for a publication doesn’t happen by luck. Nope. More than likely, these experts pitched their relevance to an upcoming article to land the interview, or they pitched a story idea that was newsworthy and relevant to the publications’ readership. Either way, they received the placements—and the implied third-party endorsement that comes with being featured in the media.

If you become the go-to expert for your favorite publications, I can help align your knowledge with the publications’ needs and pitch your expertise. If you’re selected to participate in the editorial, I can work with you to answer the interview questions and/or ghostwrite the necessary contributed content.

media kits

Media Kits

Media kits serve as a formal introduction between a company or individual and a media outlet. The purpose is to give a comprehensive overview of why you should be considered a source for the media.

Media kits typically include a number of materials:
~ Corporate bio
~ Professional bios for leadership staff
 ~ Historical company profile
~ List of awards or recognition received
~ Press releases (historical and current)
~ FAQs
~ Catalog (if applicable)
~ Sample products (if applicable)
~ Story ideas
~ Other support materials

I can work with you to build a media kit from scratch or take existing content and turn it into a cohesive piece.