Press Releases The Foundation Of Newsworthy Stories


The foundational document for corporate messaging, the press release is the official gathering of the facts when you have corporate news to share. A little fact party! From there, just about any other type of content—from formal reports to conversational blog and social media posts—can be also written to communicate with your various audiences beyond the media.

Company News Press Releases

Company news is not only an important means of visibility in the marketplace, but it is also a way to complement information about your products/services to give your customers, prospects and the media a broader view of what’s happening in your organization. Having your company consistently in the news sends the message that your business is active, vibrant and growing.

What constitutes news?

~ New hires and promotions
~ Awards and recognition
~ Company updates (facility expansions, equipment additions, policy changes, etc.)
~ Mergers and acquisitions
~ Events (open houses, shows, etc.)
~ Charitable givings (donations, participation in a 5K, etc.)

If you want to be in the headlines, I can help by crafting professional press releases that are correctly formatted and written in the highest journalistic standards.

Press Release Distribution

Once the press release is finalized and approved, it is emailed to the media outlets you designate. For the promotional products industry, this includes:
PPAI Publications
ASI Publications
Promo Marketing
Identity Marketing

Additionally, press releases are sent to all regional promotional products associations.

If you want additional distribution to local news outlets or media in the printing, awards or other sister industries, I can create a custom media list to your specifications.

For clients outside the promotional products industry, I will work with you to create a targeted media list to meet your individual needs.

News Cycle

Timing of the press release distribution is also a consideration. There are three primary electronic newsletters in the promotional products industry:
Promo Marketing Headlines: Published Daily
PPB Newslink: Published Tuesday and Thursday
Counselor Promogram: Published Tuesday and Thursday

Typically, whatever is submitted by Friday will be considered for the following week’s editions.

Keep in mind: If there are multiple releases, I recommend sending them a week apart to keep the information in separate news cycles. Oftentimes, publications will combine information from multiple releases into one news story, which inevitably mixes messages and can lead to inaccuracies.

Publicity Clips

My service also includes monitoring of the three primary industry eNewsletters: Promo Marketing Headlines, PPB Newslink, Counselor Promogram. When placements occur, I compile these clips so you have a record of the publicity received.


Press releases vary in complexity, so I work on a tiered scale. All pricing includes writing, one moderate revision, distribution, placement monitoring and clips (if applicable).

Level 1: Simple


Most press releases fall in this category. These are typically simple new hire (one person) or new product releases. They can also be repeat releases (an award won multiple times where the basic release stays the same and just the current details are updated). Length is in the 200- to 300-word range.

Level 2: Average


The average press release require more storytelling than the simple press release and often contain multiple new hires or promotions, more detailed award competition stories with multiple quotes, etc. They are typically in the 400- to 500-word range.

Level 3: Complex


These press releases require the greatest amount of strategy, often require both email questionnaire and phone interview, and may have a couple revisions. Length is in the 800- to 900-word range. (If significantly longer than that, additional charges may apply.)


Boilerplate Setup


This is a one-time charge to create the strategic corporate bio that concludes the initial and each subsequent press release.

Press Release Samples