The company formally pledges to implement ethical and responsible business practices.

BROOKLYN PARK, MINNESOTA (July 26, 2012) – Halls & Company, manufacturer of ID Line, Goodkind Pens and Prism Line, has adopted the PPAI Code of Conduct. By formally and publically committing to ethical and responsible conduct, Halls & Company pledges that it not only has adopted standards for the safety, quality and integrity of its products and processes but it has also committed to respecting the rights of individuals and protecting the environment. Additionally, the company is dedicated to complying with all applicable laws and to conduct business in an ethical and responsible manner.

“The PPAI Code of Conduct is important because it shows that we at Halls & Company are committed to ethical and responsible conduct on behalf of our customers, vendors and employees,” said Eric Johnson, MAS, vice president of sales and development. “Adopting the Code of Conduct was merely an extension and a written confirmation of what we as a company have been doing for more than 40 years.”

The PPAI Code of Conduct addresses nine critical areas of responsibility:

  • Product Safety
  • No Abuse Of Labor
  • No Child Labor
  • Freedom Of Association
  • No Discrimination
  • Hours And Wages
  • Workplace Conditions
  • Environment
  • Subcontractors And Sources

“Not only have we reviewed each item on the Code to confirm we are compliant, but we have also asked our vendors to partner with us and operate in the same manner,” Johnson said. “We will continue to monitor and receive commitments from each of them annually.”

Since Halls & Company built its business on the principles of the Code, its customers will see little change in how the company operates or in what services are provided. “Being ethical and responsible is the only way to run a successful business,” Johnson said. “We have operated in this manner since the beginning more than 40 years ago; honestly, it is who we are.”

About Halls & Company:

Founded in 1971, Halls & Company is best known for its ID Line, which offers the most complete selection of badges and badge accessories—more the twice the SKUs of any other industry company—available in bulk or through its comprehensive online badge release program. The company also carries the patented, eco-friendly wooden Goodkind Pens® in four trademarked styles that can’t be found anywhere else in the industry. And the company’s Prism Line includes luggage and bag tags, magnets, Re-Stick-Its and a wide variety of vinyl items that are printed in full color using Halls & Co.’s proprietary technology.

For seven consecutive years, Halls & Co. has been a finalist in the Counselor Distributor Choice Awards in the Button & Badge category, and it has been a finalist in the Promo Marketing Supplier Excellence Awards in the Button & Badge category for 2011 and 2012. Additionally, the company is currently rated as a 5-Star Supplier by ASI subscribers and has received the A+ rating from SAGE subscribers.

A third-generation manufacturer, Halls & Co. employees more than 40 individuals at its 25,000 square-foot facility in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, and has been voted as one of Counselor magazine’s Best Places To Work 2008-2010.

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Media Contact:
Lisa Horn, CAS

Company Contact:
Eric Johnson, MAS
763-544-7326 x674