With its easy-to-navigate layout and sophisticated search parameters, product research within the promotional products industry has never been easier.

BOULDER, COLORADO (August 28, 2009) – After two years of development and a successful eight-month beta program, ZOOMcatalog is officially live. ZOOMcatalog is an aggregated portal for all digital promotional products catalogs, which are completely searchable by product category, theme and keyword—including product type, item number, supplier name as well as line and brand names—making product research faster and easier than ever before.

When search results are displayed, the actual catalog pages are shown, accompanied by the catalog cover and text excerpt from where the matching search terms are found. By scrolling over the image, an enlarged pop-up appears for a quick view, or users can click to open the digital catalog on that page. The desired products are easily shared with colleagues or clients via e-mail, with a hyperlink that takes them to the exact areas of interest.

In addition to the search functionality, the site features a section for premium catalogs, seasonal catalogs, and a specials and flyers catalog that is updated weekly. Special supplier coupons are also included on the site for even more distributor savings. Additionally, price point catalogs are set to launch in early 2010.

The industry-safe site is designed with all sensitive information in a password-protected area. ZOOMcatalog staff individually verifies each applicant to confirm supplier or distributor status before access to the respective back-end tools is granted. This allows end users to view the site without seeing any sensitive pricing details.

For suppliers, each digital catalog has its own statistics that specify the number of people who have viewed it, which pages have been viewed, what keywords were searched within the catalog and how much time was spent before closing it—extremely important marketing information that isn’t possible to obtain from paper catalogs.

As part of ZOOMcatalog’s green initiative, offline versions of suppliers’ digital catalogs are also an option. These offline versions can be sent to distributors via FTP or saved on CDs, enabling suppliers to reduce print costs and catalog waste within the industry.

Pre-qualified distributors also have their own set of tools, enabling them to access supplier information, a coded calculator, coupons, registration on the “Find A Distributor” section and an option to opt-out of receiving paper catalogs. ZOOMcatalog is also developing more distributor tools for launch next year.

“If you’re working from home or you’re on the road making sales calls, carrying a lot of catalogs around is burdensome,” said Noleen Zasman, ZOOMcatalog president. “Today, you want to have everything you need on your laptop or accessible from your iPhone. Whether you are talking with a client over the phone or doing a presentation in person, all the product information you need to make a sale is just one click away with ZOOMcatalog.” 

About ZOOMcatalog LLC:

Based in Boulder, Colorado, ZOOMcatalog LLC is the premier portal for online searchable catalogs in the promotional products industry. ZOOMcatalog.com features digital replicas of supplier catalogs (online and offline versions), price-point catalogs, flyers and coupons all in one place with one optimized search.

The site is designed with all sensitive industry information in a password-protected area, so distributors can share the site with their clients and use it as a hands-on tool when making sales calls.

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Media Contact:
Lisa Horn, CAS

Company Contact:
Noleen Zasman