New technology allows users to access the company’s digital catalog search engine with full functionality on the Droid, iPhone and iPad.

BOULDER, COLORADO (June, 16 2010) – Because most digital catalog websites have been built using flash technology as the foundation, accessing these catalogs on hand-held devices has been impossible—until now. ZOOMcatalog, an aggregated portal for all digital promotional products catalogs, has implemented a new technology that allows access to its complete library via Droid, iPhone and iPad.

Mobile device users will now have the same engaging experience as if they were using ZOOMcatalog on a desktop or laptop computer. They can instantly search digital catalogs by product category, theme and keyword—including product type, item number, supplier name as well as line and brand names. Not only is product research faster and easier than ever before, but now it is also more portable.

When search results are displayed, a text excerpt from where the matching search terms are found is shown along with both the catalog cover and the actual catalog page where the product is located. Users just click on either image for additional information and the ability to browse page by page. And since the industry-safe site is designed with all sensitive information in a password-protected area, distributors can be at ease because their clients will view the site without seeing any sensitive pricing details.

“This is going to completely change the way distributors do business today,” said Noleen Zasman, ZOOMcatalog president. “No matter where they conduct sales meetings with clients—whether it is in the traditional office setting, over lunch in a restaurant or at the local coffee shop—distributors can instantly research any product idea or theme because they now have access to their entire catalog filing cabinet in the palm of their hands. Since distributors can e-mail catalog pages of interest directly from the mobile device to their clients, the days of bringing stacks of catalogs to sales meetings are over.”

About ZOOMcatalog LLC:

Based in Boulder, Colorado, ZOOMcatalog LLC is the premier portal for online searchable catalogs in the promotional products industry. ZOOMcatalog.com features digital replicas of supplier catalogs (online and offline versions), flyers and coupons all in one place with one optimized search.

The site is designed with all sensitive industry information in a password-protected area, so distributors can share the site with their clients by including a link on their website and using it as a hands-on tool when making sales calls. Distributors can also create their own branded websites that feature ZOOMcatalogs to customize the client experience even further.

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Media Contact:
Lisa Horn, CAS

Company Contact:
Noleen Zasman